A new hockey year has begun in most centres around Queensland.  We hope it is an enjoyable one for all!
Make sure your centres are getting organised for the State Championships in Gympie in July.

55, 60 and 65 Trials will again be held on the Thursday.  Date: 20th July.
The Championships will run from Friday 21st July to Sunday 23rd July.

Congratulations to all Hockey Queensland players and off field staff who will be representing Australia at the following Women’s Masters tournaments later in the year.

Over 50s European Cup Tour – Tilburg

  • Kathy Devitt
  • Wendy Pearce
  • Noreen Walton
  • Ingrid Woods
  • Patricia Hansen (Manager)

Over 60s UK Tour

  • Kathleen Anderson
  • Janet Gray
  • Annie McLachlan
  • Myra Reilly
  • Kaylene Toovey
  • Megan Ward
  • Belle Davis (Shadow)
  • Donna Gallagher (Shadow)
  • Linda Hunter (Coach)
  • Gail Lomas (Manager)