About the Committee


Hockey Queensland Women’s Masters Committee (HQWMC) operates under a Terms of Reference endorsed by the Board of Hockey Queensland (HQ).


HQ Women’s Masters Committee (HQWMC) will assist Hockey Queensland (HQ) to develop and oversee programs and events to ensure high levels of competition, participation and officiating in Women’s Masters hockey across Queensland.



1. Oversight of the State Women’s Masters Championships
2. Oversight of the HQ Contingent attending the National Women’s Masters Championships
3. Contribute to HQ strategic planning and policy
4. Continually build the Women’s Masters (WM) network state-wide through communication with

Member Association’s WM Delegates

5. Promote WM opportunities, activities and successes through all available avenues including maintaining the WM Website and Facebook and contributions to HQ newsletter, The Dribble

The committee is made up of a chair and members who are each responsible for one or more portfolio areas.  Recruitment and selection to the committee by HQ is through expressions of interest which detail skills and experience.   Typical expressions of interest might cover achievements and experiences in areas such as leadership, administrative ability, interpersonal skills, communication, event organisation, computer literacy, especially Microsoft Word and Excel.

Regional representation is given some consideration, though it is not a first order imperative. It is a skill based, “fit for purpose” management and operating committee. Knowing seven (7) ways to defend a penalty corner or being able to unerringly tomahawk into the top corner of the goal box are not core competencies for this committee. Appointments are for either one or two years.


The time commitment and work load for committee members varies from significant to substantial. A few portfolio areas require several hours work for the majority of weeks each year. Some of the portfolios require point in time contribution, while other portfolios require short bursts of intense activity. Details of the 2020 committee members and their areas of responsibility are given below.



  • Reporting to HQ and communication with HQ, HA and Association Delegates
  • Policy development, review and revision
  • Pre-event contract with host Association for State Championships
  • Liaising with HQ selectors
  • Coordination of HQ Championships’ information, meetings and events
  • Accommodation and budget for state teams at National Championships
  • Oversight of HQ involvement in National Championships
  • Compilation of historical database


Strategic Development (New Role)

  • One year project to develop the HQWMC strategic plan to align with HQ strategic plan including:
    • Liaising with HQ Indoor, Umpires, Technical and Men’s Masters Operating Committees
    • Discussions with Associations to determine opportunities for recruitment and retention of Masters players and officials
    • Communication with other State Masters Committees to share ideas


  • Updating HQ Women’s Masters Web page and Facebook
  • Developing and posting profiles on the website for recipients of 20 and 25 year awards
  • Coordinating the distribution of player surveys

Special Projects

  • Collection and storage of memorabilia
  • Organisation of celebrations
  • Coordination of HQ Women’s Masters Association Awards
  • As Welfare Officer, supporting the Masters hockey family in time of need
  • At State Championships, management of sample uniforms for those nominating for State selection

Clearances (Interstate)

  • Managing clearances of HQ players to other states to compete at HA Championships
  • Administrative support for State selectors
  • Developing and updating archives
  • Editorial responsibility for communications


  • Developing and collating contributions to HQ Hockey Dribble
  • Sharing Women’s Masters stories about individuals and Associations
  • Assisting with HQ Championship Closing Ceremony and events
  • Liaising with HQ Indoor Committee to promote Indoor Championships


  • Recording and distribution of Minutes of Meetings
  • Providing Host Association with information for HQ Championships program
  • General administration support
  • Mentoring of Association Delegates